The following program is provisional and is subject to change. To download the PDF version please click here.
Thursday 21st August
08:00 Registration and Arrival tea & Coffee in the Exhibition Area
08:45 Welcome
Margi Brown Ash
09:00 Career Grit
Suzie Plush
  Delegates will learn:

  • How to adapt to change and overcome negative events.
  • The importance of flexibility, positivity and resilience in maintaining career momentum.
  • Tactics to manage stress and improve wellbeing.
10:00  Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area
10:30 The Effortless Healthy Working Week!
Sussan Garrard
  Journey through a typical working week and become aware of the most common health pitfalls that corporate staff members are faced with throughout each day and achievable strategies to resist them. The presentation covers:

  • becoming an early riser
  • breakfast on the run
  • coffee as a crutch
  • staying hydrated
  • lunchtime meetings
  • the afternoon slump
  • Friday night drinks and more
11:30 Mobile Apps for Productivity
Brendon Walker
  Get the latest on the best mobile apps to make your life more streamlined. Nothing beats working with apps that synchronise to the cloud and save you time. Collaborate in real time; get your data sent or received as it happens! You’re guaranteed to see the absolute latest apps available…explained by the coolest nerd on the planet!

  • Leverage cloud apps to make sure you’re always up to date
  • Have all the information you need at your fingertips
  • Unchain yourself from your desk and be twice as productive
  • Be able to deliver your work from anywhere you have an internet connection
12:30  Lunch in Relish Restaurant
13:15 The secret difficult people don’t want you to know
Mark McPherson
  There’s no shortage to the types of difficult people. Just for starters we have those who think they know everything and those who are sexist, talk over us, belligerent, sexist, sarcastic, condescending and abusive. And those who think it’s okay to break the rules, undermine others, say one thing but do another and lie. And the list goes on. Mark’s documented 41 types and he bets you’ll recognise every one of them! Now, here’s what most people don’t know and difficult people don’t want you to know. All difficult people have just three things in common. That’s right. Just three. Knowing these forms the base for successfully handling, managing and dealing with difficult people efficiently, effectively and ethically. In this presentation you’ll be learn about the ‘big three’, how to apply them to every difficult person you could ever imagine and how to nail them so you’re able to take control without stepping on the rights of others.
14:15  Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Area
14:45 Stop the Stress… Information Overload
Laurie Kelly
  Learn from Neuro-scientific research how to use the Mental Muscle of the Mind to save energy and time.

  • ‘Flexibility’ is the name of the thinking game. Flexibility to roll with the punches and be O P E N to opportunities
  • Understand how our brains affect our work and focus so you will be more productive and focused
  • Understand the effects of Anxiety on the brain’s chemicals, so you don’t fall victim to a sense of being overwhelmed
15:45 Mindfulness made easy: build the connection with self to create the life you want each day
Christine McKee
In this hands on, experiential and interactive session Christine McKee will introduce you to Mindfulness, and explain how by learning to build a relationship with yourself, you can slow down, pause and make informed and intuitive choices to create enhanced success in all contexts of life. You will walk away will simple, easy-to-apply tools to engage in creating the life you want each day.  You will have the opportunity to practice the tools that are required for building a connection with yourself.
16:30 Free Time, Time to dress up in you 20′s attire 
 19:00  Roaring 20′s Conference Dinner – Norfolk Room
Friday 22nd August
08:30 Arrival tea & Coffee in the Exhibition Area
09:00 Finding my feet in magazines: life at 54 Park St
Emily Brooks
  After swapping a physiotherapy degree for an education in journalism, Emily Brooks worked her way into the world of magazines, getting her foot in the publishing door as a personal assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly; one of the most iconic and popular mastheads in the nation. Here, she discusses her journey and days filled with coffee-runs, photo shoots and, of course, having her iPhone strapped to her hip.
10:00 Building Relationships
Debra Bell
  Participants will be engaged in various topics such as the:

  • Importance of relationships and why we need to build them
  • Elements of various relationships with a focus on those we experience in the workplace covering issues of such factors as power and position.
  • Skills necessary to establish and maintain relationships
  • Strategies to restore relationships
11:00 Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area
11:30 Your Time Matters
Matt Garrett
  This presentation tackles head-on the daily challenges we all face in handling work that emanates from emails, phone calls, paperwork, voicemail and face-to-face meetings.  It meets this challenge by giving participants specific time and workload management processes that can be directly applied to the tools they most often use. Learn ways you can improve your productivity by becoming self-leaders who:

  • knows exactly what to do next;
  • are more Pro-Active and less Re-Active; and
  • focuses on the important whilst better at managing distractions.
12:30 Impacts of Workplace Bullying
Sharlene Chadwick
  Workplace bullying constitutes a significant threat to the health, safety and welfare of people in the workplace and potentially has wider implications for employers, including reduced profitability, low morale, and increased absenteeism and staff turnover.Workplace bullying is now being addressed Federally with the introduction of terms of reference and new laws. The Productivity Commission estimates the total cost of workplace bullying in Australia at between $6 billion and $36 billion annually.The presentation will provide practical information about what constitutes bullying and how to prevent it from occurring through the introduction of anti-bullying policies.
13:30 Lunch in Relish Restaurant
14:15 Assertiveness and Self Confidence
Troy Quaife
  Delegates will:

  • Understand what it means to be assertive and self-confident
  • Gain techniques to confidently express opinions and needs
  • Learn to say ‘no’ without being rude or seeming disinterested
  • Recognise that you are important and that your opinions are valid and worthy of consideration
  • Discover how to “feel the part”, “look the part”, “sound the part” and “become the part”
15:15 Reflection
Margi Brown Ash
15:45 Wrap Up
16:00 Afternoon Tea in the Exhibition Area